Founded in 1987, the company  “Saggese Carmine ” is a precious stones and jewelry supplier.

Many  years of experience,  in cutting  precious stones, allows us to start from the  rough to finished gem,  respecting: proportions, symmetry and charm.


Also, we offer a  high quality and precision product, where” the cut has a primary  role. The care that we take, in improving the stones has a great importance, we are careful in weight loss, and we are scrupulous in watching the inclusions and points of cleavage.

The commitment to find, collect and store the gems for many years, allows us to create stones sets, of uniform color, and similar to each other; this selection of gems is then cutted in unusual shape, difficult to find on the market. The stones are calibrated to each other, following a measurement scale, from the smallest to the largest, we try to respect the cut, and the inclinations degrees of the front and rear.


Often the stones do not have the necessary characteristics to be able to be cut, we frequently have to reach compromises, leaving a nagging inclusion or we have to settle for an imperfect cut, in order to save weight or not to change the proportions, which are very important to the brilliant of the stone. Experience teaches us to stop at the right time order to avoid any unpleasant surprise.




The company has expanded its field , creating unique jewelry, made entirely by hand and giving attention to detail and elegance of design, using a good quality of stones that make each piece unique. For the company, “Saggese Carmine” gemstones are the fulcrum of every project, and they are the ones that guide us in the jewelry creation.The stones are setted in gold or platinum mountings which are made by us for every single gem, this guarantees us the quality and accuracy of the product. Design is often the result of innovative ideas, always respecting fundamental values, such as commitment and tradition.


The company “SAGGESE CARMINE” participates in international fairs, specialized only in gemstones “Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows”, “Hong Kong jewelery and Gem Fair” gems or minerals. This gives us the opportunity to be constantly updated on new mines, new product, but especially about new treatments. This knowledge allows us to offer a natural product and therefore the decision not to sell synthetic or artificially treated stones.

We are happy to meet you and show you our wide stones collection; work with you to create personalized unique jewelry.For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at the number +39 0823 837678 . Or email “info@saggesecarmine.it”